Everything you need to know about my Custom Design Fly Tying Service

I bet you’ve got one,  we all have that special fly pattern,  you know,  the lucky one that works when all else fails!


It’s the fly that gives you more confidence than anything else.  It’s the pattern that catches you a fish at the end of your session and it stops you blanking when you’ve lost all hope of catching!


Well that original fly is looking a bit sorry for itself now,  it’s seen better days,  it’s old and trout bitten now!  You’re going to need some more,  you’ve been wanting to get them organised for ages.


Well now can tie these up for you!  How about  throwing in some different colour trigger points and a couple of hook size alternatives as well?


Even better …….What if you have direct input into the design process making them your very own killa trout fly range,  Sounds Great Doesn’t It!  Welcome to my new  Custom Design Fly Tying Service!  


I decided to write this post to let you know exactly how it works, how much it costs, how long it takes and what you get when you book this service. 



What’s included in my Custom Design Fly Tying Service?

Some of the key things covered-   

  • Want to make a few design changes?…..No Problem 👍
  • Different *hook sizes?…..You bet
  • Change material or colours?….Gotcha
  • Need a few to check out before placing a bigger order?……sorted
  • Gift for a friend or family member who’s batshit crazy about fly fishing…..Absolutely!  😃
*Hook sizes available-  8, 10, 12, 14


Package options to choose from 

  • 6 flies- to your exact design 
  • 12 flies- to your exact design or with colour versions 
  • 20 flies-  As above  also includes one of my quality slimline branded fly boxes
  • 30 flies-  with multiple options on-  size / colour / material.  Includes branded fly box 
  • 48 flies-  with multiple options on-  size / colour / material.  Includes branded fly box
6 fly min / 48 fly max.  Larger quantities available by arrangement


My branded medium and large silicone slimline fly boxes


How much is it Gra?

I currently have 5 different packages available-

Prices start from as little as £14.95  with Free UK delivery! 

  • 6 flies-  £14.95  
  • 12 flies-  £25.85
  • 20 flies-  £45.65
  • 30 flies-  £64.95
  • 48 flies-  £103.25



Who is it perfect for?

  • This is a great service for newcomers or beginners to fly fishing.  Especially if you’re not sure what fly patterns you need when you’re just starting out.
  • Experienced anglers who require a custom order for a holiday / new fishing location
  • Maybe you don’t have the time or space to tie your own flies or you just find it a chore?

Whatever your answer-  THIS SERVICE IS FOR YOU!



How long does it take?

All orders are hand tied, by me here at fishtofly,  I do not hold stock.  My turnaround time is 2-3 working days from receipt of  your order to despatching the finished product.  Larger more complex orders may take a little longer but I will communicate that so you know what’s going on every step of the way.    



What to expect from this service?

Now let’s get something straight right now!   I don’t use cheap crap tying materials in any of my flies,  it’s just not worth it.  I’m a trade member of the Fly Dresser’s Guild,  so if I wouldn’t fish with it then I definitely won’t be selling it to you guys!  My flies are well tied and should last a while,  allowing you to catch plenty of fish with them.


All the flies sold by me are tied by me here at using quality materials and hooks (see below).  I do not outsource the tying or buy flies in cheap to resell. 


I tie all my flies on Fulling Mill, Kamasan or Dohiku hooks.  These brands have never let me down,  all are made in Japan and as you would expect are of a consistently high quality


Quality Branded Hooks
I don’t use cheap hooks!  Only Premium Branded Hooks


I only use quality materials from premium brands like- Veniard, UNI, UTC, Turrall, Hareline and Metz.


For me it’s critical that you are happy with your order and have confidence in the flies I produce for you.  This is why I want your involvement in the process,  especially with the larger quantity options.  Together we will go through your requirements, work out all the options available for your very own custom made range of killa trout flies!



I only use quality tying materials
Some of my stock-  I only use quality tying materials


Recent Customer Review-

Service review on 03 Feb, 2022
Rating 5 out of 5 stars


“I wanted to design a custom fly in a hellgrammite pattern for a good friend who fishes for smallmouth bass. Graeme took my rough description, did a bit of research, and really delivered with a top-quality job on the custom flies! The communication throughout the process was absolutely superb. The flies are beautiful, exactly what I was looking for, and he even threw in a sampler fly in a different style to try out. Thanks Graeme for the extra effort!  All the best!”   John.  USA.


How do I order my own killa range of flies?


Once you have an idea of what you would like ordering is easy!   

Just click the button below-

Fly Tying Service


Alternatively just visit  and hit the shop (Addict indulgence) button.

This service does get busy,  so take a look and if you want to order follow the selection stages.  Hey don’t worry if you’re not sure what fly pattern you would like just send me a message and we can go from there  👍


If you have an idea of what you would like,  send me a message outlining your requirements.  If possible attach a picture,  the more information the better!  Please give a  description of your lucky fly pattern.  The colours,  hook sizes and materials can all be tweaked if you want to take your pattern to the next level!


Remember that all orders are hand tied, by me here at fishtofly,  I do not hold stock.  I aim to get orders out in 2 to 3 working days from receipt of order.  Larger more complex orders may take a little longer but I will communicate that so you know what’s going on every step of the way.



       “Among the many pleasures of our sport is the camaraderie and mutual support offered by our fellow fly fishers.  No matter how proficient we might consider ourselves now,  we have all been learners at one point,  no doubt benefiting from a friendly word of advice,  the loan of some tackle or the gift of a fly.  For an angler of Graeme’s ability to offer the fruits of his experience and expertise to a global audience is a testament to his generosity.  All users of his fishtofly website will benefit from such a knowledgeable and expert mentor”. 

Kevin McMahon-  OFFC  Chairman


Here’s to tight lines & wet nets 👍

Cheers  Gra

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